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Hey you! by BonnieElizabeth
Hey you!
Since I haven't bombed you with screenshots lately and I play Tera quite actively and I've never shown you my main character, I decided that it's time.
This here is my main character, the elin priestess Kayleîgh. I love this girl to bits and I changed her appearance for the fourth time now, but I really like it the way it is right now. She looks quite sexy and not that girly and young anymore. She looks more adult. Sadly, she has no boobs, but with boobs she would look adult. xD
I have edited this screenshot a bit, played with the colors, contrast etc. Shaded some things, made some things brighter. Usual stuff to make something look pretty.

Screenshot and character belong to me
Tera Rising is a MMORPG made by Bluehole Studios and published by GameForge (aka FAILforge) in Europe.
Here, kitty kitty by BonnieElizabeth
Here, kitty kitty
I'm still alive, beloved followers! :la:
But I am not really active art wise... This is an art trade I made with someone on tumblr and it was a pain in the ass because I forgot my tablet at my moms place and had to do this all by mouse. *sobs*
Anyway, this cute little kitten here is Meeka, a elin mystic from Tera and is owned by a very nice girl named Bergen (here is her blog if you are interested: ). It really was fun to draw something again... I used a Gil Elvgreen Pin-Up as reference and a picture that Bergen drew of Meeka. Well... Yeah. That's quite it.
MSo I saw this thing at SaintCem's and I love things like this quiz. And since Cem told me to "do eet", I'm going to do eet! :D This is for all you stalkers out there. xD

Time started quiz : 14:27 / 2:27 p.m.

1. Name :

2. Nickname(s) :
On internetpages, I'm always Bonnie. In Tera, I'm known as Kay/Kayleigh. And irl it's Sam or Sammy for the most.

3. Gender:

4. When do you feel best (morning, afternoon, night)? :
I'm certainly a night person ~ I'm a creature of the night! :D

5. Are you talkative? :
Gimme a topic I can talk about and watch me babbling for hours, lol.

6. Tend to find fault with others :
Nope, I rarely do that.

7. Does a thorough job :
Most of the time, yes.

8. Is depressed :
Sometimes, luckily it's getting rare.

9. Is relaxed and handles stress well :

10. Is curious about lots of different things :
I'm always curious. I'm interested in nearly everything and I'm a very curious person.

11. Is full of energy :
HAHAHA. No. :stare:

12. Starts fights with others :
Sadly I tend to do, yes. I'm very impulsive and hotheaded - I don't like fights though.

13. Worries a lot :
Too much, way too much. :c

14. Is lazy :
Lazy as hell...

15. Cold or Hot?
Hot, I can't stand the cold.

16. Light or Dark?
Rather dark then light, though there are some exceptions.

17: Sweet or Salty?
I prefer salty stuff.

18. Coke or Lemonade?
Coke like cola or coke like all the drinks Coca Cola Company produces? I'll go with lemonade, just to be sure.

19. Candy or Popcorn?
That's mean, candy is so much more different things... Candy.

20. Loud or Quiet?
I don't care if it's loud or quiet, I like both. I'm afraid tht I'm a quite loud person though. xD

21. Fast or Slow?
Neither. Normal tempo please. xD

22. Soft or Hard?
Oooh, I like soft things! Like pillows, marshmallows, boobs ~ :giggle:

23. Easy or Difficult?
If things are too easy, I'm always afraid I did it wrong or it is worthless, soooo I choose difficult since it gives life a little spice. ^^

24. Shiny or Sparkly?
Sparkly. *^*

25. Vampires or Werewolves?
Is that even a question? Werewolves over vampires, sorry vampires.

26. Puppies or Kittens:
Puppies. <3 I'm allergic to cats, but they are really cute though. But nothing could be besser than a puppy.

27: Rain or Shine?
Rain. Rain always gives me a relaxed feeling and it makes me calm, too.

28: Country or City?
Country, way more fun and way more beautiful. Way less opportunity to shop though, but I like the country.

29: France or Fiji?
Yuck, France. I hate france and frenchs and their national proud.... Fiji please!

30. Hamburger or Hot dog?
Hamburgers! Omnomnomnom. <3

31. Palm tree or Weeping Willow?
Weeping Willows - some of the most beautiful trees ever.

32. Dancing or Painting?

33. Story writing or Reporters Writing?
Since I'm the author of like 5 fanfictions, 3 own books and about a dozen one shots and shortstories, I gonna go with stories. xD

34. TV or Computer?
Computer... You can play, you can write, hear music, buy stuff, sell stuff, learn AND watch TV. xD

35. Facebook or MySpace?
Facebook - I can keep contact with my canadian family. :3

36. Windows or Mac?
I despise apple in every way. WINDOWS please.

37. Paint (program) or Photoshop?
Uhm... Photoshop.

38. Bases or Normal Computer Drawing?
Both. Bases can be nice from time to time, but drawing by yourself is awesome.

39. Computer Drawing or Freehand?
Freehand of course. I suck at compute drawing. xD

40. Colour or Black and White?
Black and white.

41. La la la la or Meow :3 ?
La la la la ~ :iconlaspinplz:

42.  Anime or Manga?
Manga. I rather watch cartoons then anime.

42. Have a Diary?
Yes, it's hidden inside a book but I kinda never write into it and I can't keep track anyway.

43. Have a stuffed toy?
Yes, of course. They are really cute and sometimes I just need to cuddle something and since I don't have a pet --> stuffed animals. <3

44. Used to have one?
I used to have too many, lying in my bed with me, but then I got an allergy against dust and they all had to move out of my bed. xD

45. What was / is it?
I had all kinds of animals when I was younger. Now I only have a giant alpaca plush from alpacasso. She's white and her name's Reese.

46. Have a pet?
Does Reese count? Sadly, no.

47. What is/are they/it ?
Reese is an stuffed alpaca.

48. Have an instrument?

49. Do you have a piggy bank (any shape) ?
I LOVE my piggy bank! It's an black motorbike and I got it from my mama.

50. Do you own more than 5 computer games?
Ahahahahahaha ~ I own more than 20 for sure. I love computer games.

51. Do you know who Zelda is?
Played some old N64-Zelda game when I was a kid. Not a big fan of the games.

52. Do you have an ipod or mp3 or CD player?
Not anymore ~ I'm using my smartphone as a mp3 player.

53. Do you have a gaming console?
Yup, a Nintendo 3ds. :3

54. Do you have a bookcase?
Sure do, I love my big standing bookcase (have a medium lying one too), because of the books, the dolls and my wicca shelf in it. :)

55. Do you own a novelty item, e.g. hannah montana gum boots, spongebob umbrella?
Since I'm a fan of Monster High... I own a lot of novelty Monster High stuff. xD

56. Can you knit?

57. Can you crochet?
Actually, yes. But I'm not patient enough.

58. Can you sew?
I can. Badly and with injuries. xD

59. Can you do the can can?
We tried it out as kids... But I don't think I can can. xD

60. Can you play more than one instrument (including vocal training)?
I can't even "play" my vocal training. xD

61. Can you whistle?

62. Can you curl your tongue?
Yes again.

63. Can you click your fingers?

64. Can you touch type?
I can. ^^

65. Can you eat chilli?
Oh man, I LOVE chilli.

66. Can you read books with more than 600 pages?
I love books, especially those huge ones with 1000 pages or more.

67. Can you crack your knuckles?

68. Can you crack your neck?
Not on purpose.

69. Can you crack your toes?
No. o.O

70. Can you crack your fingers?

71. Can you do the moon walk?
It looks more crappy than moonwalky.

72. Can you eat snails?
Never tried, but I eat everything so I don't think it will be a problem.

73. Can you cook?
Pretty good actually.

74. Can you sing?
Who can't? It's just not lovely and wonderful, more twisted and crooked. xD

75. Can you dance?
Industrial style, yes. Shuffling a bit. 80's gothic style too. Otherwise, no.

76. Can you talk in chipmunk?
No o.O

77. Can you raise your eyebrows?
I raise my eyebrows about 1.562.729.942 times a day xD

78. Can you raise one eyebrow?
Only the left one properly, right one gets stucked half way. xD

79. Can you sing the song banana phone?
Sadly yes. ._.

80. Can you eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar?
Uhm... I sure can, but I don't think I like it.

81. Do you like pickles?
Hell yes!

82. Do you like pie?
I love pie.

83. Do you like mayonnaise?
Yes, it's quite yummy.

84. Do you like tomato sauce?
I love tomato sauce. You can do so much with it and it even tastes great on its own.

85. Do you like candy floss?
I love cotton candy, I always feel so sweet and girly when I eat it. xD

86. Do you like pumpkin?
Sure do!

87. Do you like asparagus?
Oh I LOVE asparagus! Sadly, it's quite expensive and only available on a certain time of the year, but I really love it. <3

88. Do you like brussel sprouts?
Yes, I love them too.

89. Do you like beans?
No, not really.

90. Do you like silver beet?
Never tasted it.

91. Do you like carrots?
Yes, cooked or raw. I like carrots.

92. Do you like potato?
I love potatoes in every form except fries. Fries are just okay.

93. Do you like kumura (sweet potato)?
Yes, it's lovely too.

94. Do you like tomatoes?
Yeah, tomatoes are perfect for all kind of stuff.

95. Do you like apples?
Pink Lady and Granny Smith are my favorites. Honey Crisp is okay too.

96. Do you like bananas?
I love them.

97. Do you like pears?
Yikes, not really.

98. Do you like oranges?
Yup, they're really tasty.

99. Do you like mandarins?
I love mandarins.

100. Do you like strawberries?
Sure do!

111. Do you like blueberries?
OMG, blueberries are my favorites! I love them so much. :3 They are so perfect when you freeze them before eating.

112. Do you like blackberries?
They're growing at my grandmas house. They are okay.

113. Do you like peaches?

114. Do you like raspberries?
Raspberries were my favorites for a long time. I still love them.

115. Do you like nectarines?
Even more than peaches, they are so sweet and tasty!

116. Do you like music?
Couldn't live without it.

117. Do you like classical music?
I always have Tschaikowski with me. Classical music is just perfection.

118. Do you like rock music?
Most of it.

119. Do you like pop music?
Some I like, some I despise.

120. Do you like rap music?
Rarely. I like Macklemore.

121. Do you like hip hop music?
Unusual, bot sometimes it happens.

122. Do you like techno music?
No, not really.

123. Do you like writing?
Writing means so much to me. I love it and its always calming and relaxing. I write a lot.

124. Do you like reading?
Nearly as much as writing, books are wonderful.

125. Do you like art?
Depends on the art itself.

126. Do you like dancing?
I love watching it, but I can't dance except for dances mentioned earlier this quiz.

127. Do you like ipods and mp3s?
I hate apple and I hate iPods. Mp3s are awesome though.

128. Do you like animals?
Animals are great. We're animals too, btw.

129. Do you like wild animals or domestic?
I rather like domestic animals ~ except for a few. Like Hyenas.

130. What's your favourite genre of music?
That's a good question. I think I don't have one. Gothic maybe.

131. What's your favourite genre of book?
Fantasy and crime.

132. What's your favourite food?
No seriously, I love barbecues and I love cheese. In Germany, we have something called Ofenkäse (oven cheese) which is basicly a cheese wheel which you put in the oven so it melts and you stick bread in it at eat way too much cheese. It's delicious. <3 I like fruits too.

133. What's your favourite candy?
Hm... I love Reeses.... Haribo stuff.... Chips too.

134. What's your favourite book?
My favorite book ever is called The Oracle of Oonagh (Original title: La prophétie des pierres) which was written by a 13-year old girl named Flavia Bujor. The story is just wonderful. I also love The Power of Five from Anthony Horowitz.

135. What's your favourite animal?
HYENAS. They are so perfect. <3 I love wolves too, but nothings prettier and better than hyenas.

136. What's your favourite season?
Spring. I love to see nature bloom and I like the weather. My birthday is in spring too. xD

137. What's your favourite song?
Uh.... ONE of my favorites is The Walk from The Cure. And Just like Heaven from The Cure. And Lovesong from The Cure. Let's just say The Cure is my favorite band and I love their songs.

138. What's your favourite music composer?
Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowski. That man was a genious.

139. What's your favourite band?
As I mentioned, The Cure.
I also love Gorillaz and Marillion.

140. What's your favourite subject?

141. What's your favourite job?
I don't have enough experiene, but I love medicinic jobs like doctor, nurse and stuff.

142. What's your favourite career?

143. What's your favourite number?
13. Always had luck with 13s.

144. What's your favourite day?
I don't have a favorite day. Weekends are great though. xD

145. What's your favourite time?
4 in the morning - either I'm sleeping(♥) or I'm doing something great.

146. What's your favourite breakfast?
Fried egg on bread is awesome. Granola with yoghurt and fruits is awesome too.

147. What's your favourite lunch?
Pizza, all kind of meat like schnitzel, chop, steak, mince meat... Noodles are great too.

148. What's your favourite dinner?
Barbecue or oven cheese xD

149. What's your favourite place to have a date?
I like dinner in a restaurant as well as laying down in a summer night and watch the stars.

150. What's your favourite website?
Uhhh.... I don't have a favourite.

151. What's your favourite shape?
Good question. Round maybe?

152. What's your favourite colour?
I'd say black but black isn't a color, sooo.... Blood red.

153. What's your favourite pattern?
I like a lot of patterns... Uhm, plaid is lovely.

154. What's your favourite quote?
I love quotes from Oscar Wilde. My favorite one is "In the end, everything's going to be good. If it isn't good, it's not the end." (roughly translated from german xD)

155. What's your favourite artist?
Sandro Botticelli. I adore his art.

156. What's your favourite author?
I like Simon Beckett and Anthony Horowitz. H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe are awesome too.

157. What's your favourite outfit?
Some wicked pants like my neon green leopard printed jeans or my blue zebra patterned jeans, the purple plaid jeans or the red and black striped ones with a basic black shirt, maybe some laced shirts. I also love my leather jacket.

158. What's your favourite computer game?
Vampires The Masquerade Bloodlines is my alltime favorite. I also love Tera Rising and I would have loved The World of Darkness Online - if they hadn't cancelled it. I HATE YOU, CROWD CONTROL PRODUCTIONS ATLANTA! :c

159. What's your favourite gaming console?
Does Computer count? No? Then the Nintendo Ds.

160. What's your favourite place to be?
Home. Nothing's better than home.

161. What's your favourite thing to do?
I love reading. Writing. Playing computergames. Sleep. And eat. xD So my favorite thing to do is eat while I play computergames.

162. What's your favourite movie?
Don't have one. I love Tinkerbell. I love all Johnny-Depp/Helena-Bonham-Carter/Tim-Burton Movies.

163. What's your favourite actor?
Hm... Johnny Depp maybe? I don't really have a favorite actor.

164. What's your favourite actress?
Easy - Helena Bonham Carter. She's so pretty and I love the way she's acting, so talented.

165. What's your favourite movie snack?
Balsamico flavored chips. :3

166. What's your favourite place to watch movies?
Home. I hate cinemas.

167. What's your favourite accessory?
I love my nordic amulet. It has Freya on it.

168. What's your favourite art material to use?
Pencils. Nothing better than good old paper and pencil sketches.

169. What's your favourite place to work on your art?
My lap or any kind of flat surface.

170. What's your favourite drink?
I like 7up and Doctor Pepper. But you can't do anything wrong with water.

171. What's your favourite flavour?
Bacon? xD Just kidding, I like salty stuff.

172. What's your favourite eye colour?
I like eye colors. Not really a favorite here. If I had to pick one, I'd say light green.

173. What's your favourite hair colour?
Is it cocky to say that I like my red hair, like, a lot? xD
Favorite hair color is blond though.

174. How many fillings do you have?
Good question. One, maybe two?

175. How many times have you brushed your teeth today?

176. How many deviations do you have?
DevArt says 173. I'm not sure if this is a joke or I happened to forget like 150 of it. xD

177. How many page views do you have?
9,800+. Nearly 10.000. :)

178. How many people have favourited your work?
More than I'd ever expected, I love you guys. xD

179. How many favourites do you have?
I dunno, maybe up to 300?

180. How many journal entries have you done?
A lot. Sorry guys. xD

181. How many bookmarks (computer) do you have?
Jesus... A lot. An awful lot!

182. How many things are on your desktop?
35 - I need to tidy it up somewhen soon. .___.

183. What is your desktop picture right now?
My momma! It's an picture of her sitting on a guard railing. It was taken at the overseas highway, we were on our way to Key West.

184. What is your screen saver of?
I don't have one. Either it's my screen or it's black.

185. What time is it?

186. What is your computers hard drive called?
IntelCore i5.

187. What's the name of the nearest book to you?
Lol. That's an abitur trainer for math. xD

188. Where are you right now?
I'm on my couch, my laptop on my lap, lying and watching tv.

189. What was the last movie you watched called?
Monster High 13 Wishes. I really like Twyla. :3

190. What have you got planned for tomorrow?
Nothing... Maybe my boyfriend visits me. I guess it's safe to say that I play Tera somewhen later. xD

191. What are you wearing?
T-Shirt, jogging pants and a cardigan.

192. How many quizzes are in your journal?
I dunno...

193. Do you like doing quizzes?
Yes, I love it.

194. Why are you doing this quiz?
Cem told me to. xD

195. Favourite emote goes here :

196. Favourite plz account goes here :
:iconshaplz: :iconawwplz:

197. Link to your best picture :
I dunno... I'm too critical of myself.

198. First word that comes to mind?
Familie. (Family in german)

199. What day is it?

200. What day is your birthday?
March 31th.

201. How many days till your birthday?
A lot. xD

202. What do you want for a present?
Money... Or a gaming computer. xD

203. What's the best thing you own?
Good question. May be my laptop. xD

204. What stereotype are you? e.g. nerd, prep, jock, goth :
The realistic goth?

205. What's your favourite word?

206. Why?
I don't have a favorite word.

207. Do you have a cell phone?
I have a smartphone, yeah...

208. How many contacts do you have? (if you don't have a cell phone put N/A)
Uhh... 25-30? Something like that?

209. What is your screen saver on your phone of?
Me and my best friend.

210. What games are on you phone?
My little Pony: Friendship is Magic, lol. Subway Surfer, too.

211. Is there something important you should be doing while you're doing this test?
Learning for math. xD

212. Do you wish this quiz would end?
Yeah, would be nice. But I know it's nearly 90 more questions.

213. Do you have an internet diary?
I do have a personaly tumblr.

214. Are your nails painted?
I hate nailpolish. It goes off so quick.

215. Do you have highlights?

216. Smoke?
Did it once, not anymore.

217. Have a disorder?
Don't know. I don't think so.

218. Have drugs?
Hm. Yes, pills.

219. What did you do yesterday?
Got my written abitur results.

220. Do you think anyone who watches you has read this far?
Actually, no. xD But I'm doing this for the stalkers, so maybe one of them? xD

221. How many people watch you?
I checked and it's 77. I love you guys. :3

222. The first person to watch you was :
:devPeppermintPetty: - she's my real life friend and I love her. <3

223. Second?
phip-phantom - I know him irl, we never talked much xD

224. Third?
:debbyMcgee: - She's such a nice person. Sadly I haven't seen her around lately.

225. Fourth?
:Hadesdaughterlina: - Star. <3

226. Why are you on deviant art?
For the art? xD

227. When did you first start?
DevArt says since April 10th 2009.

228. What's your personal quote?
Don't have one.

229. Operating system?
Windows 8. I hate it.

230. Hero?
My mom!

231. Favourite cartoon character?
Idk... Timmy Turner? xD

232. Book character?

233. Movie character?
I like Ickabod Crane.

234. Pick up the book next to you, page 26, line 8?

235. What do you do in your spare time?
Sleep, eat.

236. What's your favourite TV show?

237. I like long quizzes... do you?
Yep. :)

238. Best friend/s?
Don't have best friends.

239. Have you started a deviant art family?

240. Are you going to?

241. Do you even know what that is?

242. Has at least one of these questions confused you?
Yes. xD

243. What season is it?
Spring. :)

244. What month is it?

245. What day is it?

246. What year is it?

247. What species are you?
Human. Sadly. xD

248. If you were a mythical creature you'd be:
Werewolf or Vampire. World of Darkness Vampire. A Gangrel. <3

249. If you were a drink you'd be:
A cocktail - sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes strong, but always with a dash of something that makes you dizzy. xD

250. If you were an object you'd be:
A pillow? xD

251. If you were a book you'd be:
Long and twisted.

252. If you were a movie you'd be:
About a girl having problems but successfully fighting them, just to get them back. .___. xD

253. Are you bored?
A bit.

254. What was the last thing you celebrated?
Uhh... My birthday?

255. What was the last thing you posted on deviant art?
A picture of my favorite oc-couple, my Bunnie and Krystals Zara. :3

256. Do you do anything for deviant art literature?

257. Are you a llama trader?
I always forget about them.

258. Llama trade?
?edart amalL

259. How many points do you have?
Idk. xD

260. Do you have a donation pool open?

261. Do you buy your points?

262. Do you buy art off deviant art?
Like comission someone? Yes. Like buying art prints? No.

263. Do you have a premium membership?
Nope. xD

264. Do you have deviant wear?

265. Are you planning to get a premium membership?

266. Saving up?
For other stuff, yes.

267. Requests open?
I dunno... No. Maybe if you ask nicely.

268. Art trades?
No, I'm can't keep track of it.

269. Collabs?
If I can do the lines, yes. xD I can't color.

270. Commissions?

271. You you have a skype or IM?
I have skype, yes.

272. Online names you've used?
Bonnie and Suicidechan.

273. On your computer what's your user name?
My real name.

274. Are your pillows feather pillows?
NO! I have asthma and it would be possible that I suffocate during sleep.

275. Ever had a pillow fight?
Yes... xD

276. Are you athletic?
Like a bockwurst.

277. Do you do any sports?

278. Are you allergic to anything?
Cats, guinnea pigs, kiwis, pineapples.

279. Do you like to try new things?
When I'm alone, yes. If someones watching, I'd never.

280. Are you planning to enter the most recent deviant art competition?

281. Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Uhm... I love food? I eat too much? Maybe?

282. What is it?

283. Your favourite computer font is?
Don't have one.

284. Your favourite word processor?

285. Do you wear jewelery?
Only silver.

286. Do you wear make up?
I love to wear make up, but I normally wear mascara only.

287. Are you obsessed about what you look like?
Nope. I'm fine with me.

288. How many accounts do you have on deviant art?

289. Do you have any posters in your room?
Yep. A half naked man in leatherpants infront of a motorbike. Got it from my mom.

290. Do you share your bedroom with anyone?

291. Do you have your walls wallpapered or painted?
White ingrain wallpaper.

292. What colour / pattern are they?
Plain white.

293. Name of book next to you?
You already asked this.

294. Do you have birthday parties?
I don't like partying.

295. What's something weird about you?
Uhm... I have red hair and blue-green eyes?

296. What are your initials?
S.J. or B.P.

297. Do you have braces?
Luckily not.

298. Skin colour?
Pale white.

299. Glasses/Contacts?
Yes and yes.

300. Tattoos?
Sadly not.

301. Mannerisms?

302. Piercings?
1 on my left ear, 3 on my right ear and a septum.

303. Do you have a birthmark?
One over my right breast, one on my right hip, one on my left foot.

304. What's your favourite thing for breakfast?
Scroll up.

305. What's your favourite website?
Scroll up.

306. Do you have a crush on someone?
I'm in a relationship, so yes, on my boyfriend?

307. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

308. Do you have a secret talent?
NO. xD

309. Can you sing the alphabet backwards?
No, it confuses me too mich.

310. Can you eat a whole pizza?
Omg, yes. I love pizza.

311. Can you speak any different languages?
German and english. Also a bit spanish and latin.

312. Have you won something at the lottery?

313. Ran away?

314. Solved a rubix cube?
Never. xD

315. Gone out in public in your pj's?
Yes, in 10th grade. It was the days motto.

316. Seen a shooting star?
Several. :)

317. Had surgery?
Uhm... Not with my body being opened.

318. Gotten lost?
Yup. xD

319. Broken a bone?
I once broke my right arm

320. Been to disney land?
Yeeees. <3 I was in Disney Land Orlando last year, I loved it! I tasted my first corn dogs over there, lol.

321. Been arrested?

322. Been to any other countries?
Yes, a lot.

323. You are annoyed by?
Too many things.

324. Your are tired of?
Too many things.

325. You will always?
be a natural redhead? xD

326. What country do you live in?

327. Do you think you are popular?
Not at all.

328. Are you an only child?
Yes, sadly.

329. Who are you gonna tag?
I choose you, Pikachu!


331. How long quiz took you:
2 hours and 22 minutes - LOL


Current Residence: Somewhere in Germany, changes every few months
Favorite Movie: Tinkerbell, Ginger Snaps
Favorite Artist: Botticelli
Favorite Photographer: John de Bord :iconkkart:
Favorite Game: Vampires: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Favorit Country: Italy, Germany and Canada :P Can't choose
Clothing Style: Kinda Goth-Punk-(Whatever-I-like-to)-mostly-freaky
Skin of choice: Funny question. Light blue :D It would match my red hair perfectly ♥
TV Character I hate: Horatio from CSI:Miami
TV Show I love: Law and Order: SVU
Some other randomly boring info: This girls loves to give blood samples :D
Info für Deutsche: Ich schreibe Bücher, will wer Probelesen? :3

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